Works the way you work

Power Practice Px will adapt to your clinic's preferences and work flows, to suit the way you run your business. Unlike other programs, Power Practice Px can be used out-of-the-box with pre-defined default settings or be modified to accommodate the unique needs of your practice. Either way, you choose the settings to match your requirements.

Increase practice revenue

Early dental software programs were designed to store your data and allow easy access to patient information when you needed it. Today, intuitive solutions like Power Practice Px, use your data to enhance your ability to increase your bottom line.

Powerful features like Max Check, Automated Recall Systems, Treatment Planning and Automated Appointment Confirmations, allow Power Practice Px to enable you to make important business decisions, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Make it easy on yourself

Power Practice Px makes the most complicated of tasks a breeze. From generating customizable color codes to performing complex automations for transactions and insurance, Power Practice Px integrates and streamlines your many daily clinical and administrative procedures into one software solution.

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