Generate further revenue

Early dental software programs were designed to store your data and allow easy access to patient information when you needed it. Today, intuitive solutions like Power Practice Px, use your data to enhance your ability to increase your bottom line.

Powerful features like Max Check, Automated Recall Systems, Treatment Planning and Automated Appointment Confirmations, allow Power Practice Px to enable you to make important business decisions, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Keeping things safe and secure

Without a doubt, the information stored in Power Practice Px is the life line of your practice. It houses all of your schedules, patient's demographic and medical information and your accounting data. It is arguably the most important part of your practice and your livelihood.

Rest assured that Power Practice Px has specific security features that allow you to control user access and ultimately ensure your information is safe and secure at all times. You choose who gets access and who doesn't. Now that's protection.

Run your practice like a well-oiled machine

Let's face it, dental software should enable you to do more with less time and resources. With Power Practice Px, you're using fewer mouse clicks and completely automating everyday tasks, ultimately saving you precious time and your sanity.

Dentistry is your expertise. Dental software is ours.
See how our expertise can help yours.