Power Practice will bridge to almost any intra-oral camera, scanner, digital camera, ScanX, DenOptix and all popular digital x-ray systems.

Power Practice currently bridges to:



Benefits of Bridging:

  • Continue to use the sophisticated imaging software that your hardware comes with. There is no need to learn a new program.
  • The image quality from your hardware remains uncompromised. What you get, is what you see.
  • You can have more than one bridge. Create up to two, if you need it.
  • Bridging does not cost you more. The bridging functionality is included with Power Practice.
  • You maintain the ability to upgrade your current imaging hardware/software to a new system in the future, without being committed to (or locked into) a software that is incompatible. Power Practice keeps your options open with bridging, allowing you to grow as your practice grows.

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