Transport your dental practice into the new millennium. Power Practice Px's Patient Forms module allows you to instantly capture information, eliminating the need for paper forms and the duplication of data entry.

Go Paperless

Using a wireless, handheld tablet (such as an Apple® iPad®, or Microsoft® Surface™ device) your patient fills-in their own demographic and medical information in the waiting room. The data is instantly updated and saved in your Power Practice system. No more paper forms.

With Patient Forms you significantly reduce your reliance on paper, eliminate the duplication of re-entering patient information and consolidate all your forms in one, easy-to-find location.

Your Electronic Forms Manager

Rely Less on Paper - Go Digital

  • Let your patients fill-out digital forms on a tablet, instead of paper
  • Information entered on forms is automatically updated in the patient's file
  • Easily search for forms in your database
  • Create and customize your own forms or use the standard forms that come with Power Practice

What You'll Need

  • Any wireless tablet device such as an Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface with internet access
  • A wireless router set-up inside your front office or patient waiting room

The Benefits

  • View all forms per patient or per office
  • Centralize all forms in one location
  • Track a history of edits and changes on every form
  • Filter, search and query on the data entered in the forms. For example, perform a search to determine how many forms were completed in a particular week.
  • Give your staff simultaneous access to all forms
  • Customize security access to forms; enable some or all your staff access to view them
  • Export a list forms with the "Export to Excel" function
  • Set automatic patient medical alerts. For example, when a patient completes a form and indicates they have a medical allergy, an alert is automatically set in their patient file.

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