Digital Charting: the Hub of Your Clinic

Bring together all your patient information into one central hub with Power Chart. An add-on module for Power Practice, Power Chart allows you to access a patient's data from one centralized screen. Your patient demographics, financials, scheduling and reporting are all streamlined, seamlessly flowing to and from Power Chart in a digital format.

An electronic chart should exactly reflect what a traditional paper chart looks like. This is precisely what Power Chart does. All elements of the paper chart are represented in Power Chart. In other words, all fields on the paper chart have a place in Power Chart. This ensures that, by going to a digital chart format, you will not lose any important information.

And with Power Chart you are free to go as paperless as you want. Because it supports all of your unique practice workflows, you choose how and when your information is stored in the chart. Furthermore, you can adopt the digital chart format at your own pace, as the elements in Power Chart can be implemented independently. So you don't have to entirely give-up your paper chart. You simply rely on it less. With Power Chart, you can rest assured that your practice is complying with the same laws that govern patient privacy, record keeping and the use of paper charts.

Keep What You're Familiar With

All of the components in your traditional paper chart are duplicated in Power Chart, so there is no need for you to learn a new charting method. You can take comfort knowing that everything you're already familiar with is included in the Power Chart module. Power Chart supports all your conventional dental chart features, such as:

  • The Odontogram
  • Treatment planning
  • Patient contact, demographic and insurance information
  • Treatment and medical history
  • Clinical notes
  • Periodontal chart
  • Lab slips, correspondence and forms
  • X-rays

Wait No More: Everyone Shares Files

Power Chart brings information-sharing within your practice to a new level.

Traditional paper charts limit the ability for your staff to simultaneously share information. Only one person can have possession of a paper chart at a single time. For example, if your clinician is using the paper chart in the operatory, the receptionist must wait until the chart is brought to the front desk to begin billing procedures. The physical absence of the chart impairs their ability to multitask and makes sharing virtually impossible.

With Power Chart, you and your staff have simultaneous, full access to a patient's digital chart from every work station in your practice. No more lengthy wait times for you and, more importantly, your patients. Power Chart enables clinicians to perform charting and treatment planning in the operatory, while reception is concurrently entering insurance information for the same patient at the front desk.

Eliminate the Duplication of Tasks

Ask yourself this. How much time does your office staff spend deciphering and re-typing handwritten notes from a paper chart into a patient billing system? Or how many additional hours do they spend re-entering patient notes from the chart into the patient's record?

Duplicating data entry is time consuming and wasteful. This “old-fashioned” approach is frankly expensive and inefficient. Power Chart eliminates the mundane repetition of tasks already completed.  With a simple click of a button, a status change made on a patient record in the operatory, can save countless hours of data re-entry at the front desk. And being more productive allows them to use their time doing more important things.

With Power Chart, your staff members are also more proactive and less reactive. Your receptionist is ready for the patient when he/she is finished in the operatory. No more waiting and another happy patient leaves your office.

Save Time - Realize a Quick ROI

Investing into Power Chart just makes financial sense. Especially when calculating the hours lost on just pulling and finding charts.

An average six operatory dental practice can easily pull 40 charts a day. With an average of 5 minutes per chart request, this can add up to approximately 3.3 hours of labour purely used on finding charts.

Multiply by 5 days a week and 52 weeks a year and we have a staggering 858 hours of labour pulling charts a yaer.

Looking at it more closely, you can quickly see how the cost alone to maintain the paper charting method more than justifies the cost of going digital. The Power Chart module not only saves you time, but ultimately money.

Work More Efficiently

With Power Chart, bringing up a patient's chart is as simple as a right click on an appointment and selecting "Go To Chart". Instantly, all of the patient's data is retrievable without having to locate and pull a paper file from a cabinet down the hallway.

No more manually searching through lines and lines of hand written words and diagrams on pieces of paper when looking for tooth history. Power chart allows users to instantly find information and history for any tooth. This reduced the need to manually search through several lines and pages of written notes to piece together history as someone would with a paper chart. This procedure can easily save minutes if not hours of time.

With Power Chart, all treatments that are marked complete in an appointment do not need to be re-entered. Reducing this duplicate entry method, allows your reception staff to bill insurance companies without having to re-key all the information again. And appointment scheduling and pre authorizations are a breeze.

Having more time increases your staff's efficiency and enables them to be more productive rather than replicate tasks. Ultimately allowing your practice to provide better patient education and care.

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