Gain the necessary insight and clarity you need, to effectively manage your dental practice and offer the best possible care to your patients. Regular, in-depth analysis can help reveal gaps in your data that stimulate new opportunities, for a more profitable and efficient practice.

Countless Report Choices

The Power Practice Px Reports Manager enables you to make smart business decisions, by producing "oodles" of intelligent reports you can view and analyze.

  • Includes a huge list of standard reports already created for you (see Table 1 below)
  • Or create dozens of your own custom reports with the "Report Maker"
  • Export reports to a variety of file types: PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, Comma Separated (CSV)
  • Lock-in the default settings on your most popular reports

Report, Analyze and Gain Insight

The Reports Manager is powered by SAP©Crystal Reports©, the market-leading, de facto standard in reporting software. It helps transform your practice's data into actionable information you can really use.

  • Track and measure your practice's productivity
  • Monitor practice growth
  • Measure provider capacity
  • Analyze recall retention rates
  • Uncover demographic trends
  • Generate reports to disclose referral sources

Routine Tasks Made Simple

Each day, routine tasks such as Daily Trial Bank Deposits and Day End Reports need to be run. Power Practice simplifies these daily processes with built-in reports that are easily generated from a few mouse clicks

Flexible Reporting Options

  • Generate the same report from a different view. For example, the Patient Listing Report can be run from the both the Reports Manager, as well as the Patient File module.
  • Intuitive and smart, Power Practice will alert you if you try to run a Day End Report before a patient is checked-out.
  • The Transaction Listing Report is very helpful if you've closed-off your day end procedures, but need to review the data again.
  • Some reports are interactive and allow you to make changes to the data. For example the Patient Alerts Report allows you to make instant changes to a patient's alert directly from within the report.

Track and manage planned treatments.

  • Track every planned treatment electronically
  • Prepare case estimates, provide education and review with your patients; store records for future reference
  • Smoothly moves your treatment stages from planned to incomplete to complete
  • Allows you to budget and prep your daily production
  • Work directly from the electronic charting program
  • Print treatment status reports

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