Booking appointments is simple and straightforward with Power Practice. Schedule, re-schedule and un-schedule directly from the graphic calendar.

Choose from several scheduling options

  • Book appointments directly from the calendar
  • Scroll through the schedule using the monthly, weekly or daily "rollers" (e.g. scroll from Thursday to Thursday)
  • Quickly add a patient appointment "on-the-fly"; add insurance/billing information later
  • Re-schedule appointments with a simple drag and drop
  • Un-schedule appointments and store a record of the change in the patient's history
  • Use customized colours to change the status of an appointment (e.g. arrived, checked-in, in the operatory, checked-out, etc.)
  • Use "auto refresh" to update a schedule in the operatory, so that all your staff know a patient's status
  • Set appointment reminders
  • Book family members, even if siblings have different last names
  • Update your recalls
  • Set patient alerts to automatically appear, when a new appointment is created (e.g. medical alerts)
  • Customize your office's: appointment codes and colours, view options and appointment details, work schedules for each provider (e.g. dentist, hygienist)
  • Get instant access to patient demographic information, appointment history, planned appointments, recalls and insurance information via the Patient Profile Tab.

Find available dates and times

  • Book patients with confidence, as Power Practice alerts you if there is a schedule conflict
  • Search for a provider's next available time slot and include in your search: Producer, Chair Info, Date Range, Time Range, Week, Day
  • Find available dates, producers, chairs, times and/or units, even if you have multiple chairs
  • Filter your column views to show, for example, one dentist and one hygienist's schedule for a given day or week

Generate powerful lists

  • Use lists to perform searches on specific appointment data.
    • For example, search for every patient who has ever cancelled for a specific dentist.
    • Or pull up a list of all patients who have an outstanding "planned appointment" with a certain provider. Filter even further, choose only those who need crown preps and/or root canals and book these in place of the cancelled appointments.
  • From the list, you can immediately right click on the patient record and email them instantly or dial/call them to determine if they can come in on short notice.

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