Intuitive and flexible, Power Practice Px allows you to seamlessly handle patient billings and payments, enhancing your ability to meet their expectations and keep them coming back.

Automatically calculate financial transactions

  • Transactions are linked to the patient's demographic and insurance data
  • Treatments, payments and adjustments are all entered in the same module
  • The General Ledger has four views, easily accessible by colour-coded tabs: Date Ledger, Claim Ledger, Claim by Patient, Treatment History
  • Easily view claims by family member
  • Filter by patient to view balances, apply insurance and other payments
  • Easy-to-see colours allow you to view paid claims and those not paid
  • Know what claim to follow-up on and which patient received the treatment
  • Distinguish line by line the patient portion and the insurance portion
  • Send pre-authorizations for any planned treatment
  • Add a new claim at any time, with a simple right-click
  • Track by billing doctor or producer
  • Automatically calculates deductible, splits, coverage percent, insurance limits
  • Submit claims electronically or manually print
  • Built-in workflows guide you step-by-step, to ensure no steps are missed
  • Treatment information entered in the Power Chart module in the operatory, is automatically calculated and updated for the front desk receptionist
  • Errors in claims that have already been submitted can easily be modified at either the claim or treatment level
  • Right-click options are unique to a particular ledger or line item. For example, highlight a line in any of the ledgers - the General Ledger, the Payment Ledger, the Treatment Ledger or the Adjustment Ledger - and you will only see menu options appropriate for that item
  • Manage completed treatments, as well as planned/incomplete treatments
  • Allows claim submissions of completed treatments only. An incomplete treatment must be checked as completed, before a claim can be submitted

Simplify billing with procedure codes

  • Create your own customized payment codes
  • Create different fee amounts or schedules for each lab procedure

Manage ortho plans

  • Set-up automatic, monthly payment plans
  • Choose to print one invoice for the total ortho amount
  • Or print bills for each payment amount

Track and manage planned treatments.

  • Track every planned treatment electronically
  • Prepare case estimates, provide education and review with your patients; store records for future reference
  • Smoothly moves your treatment stages from planned to incomplete to complete
  • Allows you to budget and prep your daily production
  • Work directly from the electronic charting program
  • Print treatment status reports

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