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A few tips for contacting support

Being prepared happens on both sides:

If you get an error message on your screen, please make a note of the error message that includes the title of the message box (in the blue bar at the top), and the message itself. Please also make note of what you were doing at the time and, if possible, the steps you took to get the error message. This will greatly assist our Support Team with troubleshooting your call.

Try it twice:

Due to the nature of software, problems that occur may only happen once and cannot be repeated. Unfortunately, problems like these can be very difficult to trace. We ask that before calling you close all programs, reboot the computer and try to repeat the problem. If the problem repeats itself, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

Tech on-site:

If your hardware support representative is on-site and needs technical assistance with the Power Practice Px or Power Chart software, make sure to indicate this to the Exan receptionist and they will do their best to expedite your call.

Remote control:

Sometimes it is necessary for our technical support staff to remotely connect to your computer system. Please make sure that you know how to activate your PCAnywhere, Ultra VNC or Remote Desktop. You should also know how to obtain your system's external IP address and disable the fax machine if necessary.

Saturday Emergency Support:

Saturday Emergency Support is for emergencies involving the PracticeX/Power Practice and Power Chart software. General questions and how-to's are not considered to be an emergency and should be deferred to the next business day.

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