Power Practice Px will adapt to your clinic's preferences and work flows, to suit the way you run your business. Unlike other programs, Power Practice Px can be used out-of-the-box with pre-defined default settings or be modified to accommodate the unique needs of your practice. Either way, you choose the settings to match your requirements.

Custom Views, Colors and Icons

The most visible features of Power Practice's customizations are the custom views, color indicators, and unique icons. These small but useful customizations allow to you to quickly eliminate the clutter of a busy modern office.

Hotkeys and Shortcuts

Want to work faster? Power Practice Px's customizations enable your daily workflows to operate more efficiently. Hotkeys and shortcuts combine multiple tasks into one click of the mouse, saving you valuable time and effort.

Plays well with others

Yes, we bridge to that. Power Practice Px connects to 95% of all imaging systems, so your choices are practically unlimited. Additionally, Power Practice Px fully integrates with EasyMarkit, an automated, two-way patient communication system, designed to help you reach your patients easier.

Single or Multi Provider Practices

Whether you're a single practitioner or a large office with several providers, Power Practice can easily handle your workload. The software virtually allows an unlimited number of columns for providers.

In combination with custom views, this permits appointment booking responsibilities to be split among multiple reception points for specific providers.

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