Power Practice Px makes the most complicated of tasks a breeze. From generating customizable color codes to performing complex automations for transactions and insurance, Power Practice Px integrates and streamlines your many daily clinical and administrative procedures into one software solution.

Information at Your Fingertips

With Power Practice all your relevant information and tasks are conveniently grouped together. You can easily update a patient's contact information while scheduling an appointment. Power Practice even allows you to check for insurance limits while in a treatment plan. Its core functions are so well integrated, you're able to easily complete the most complicated of tasks with seamless efficiency.

Shortcuts and Widgets

Why take 3 steps when 1 will suffice? Widgets and shortcuts throughout the software allow you to navigate effortlessly through Power Practice Px.

From easy calendar shortcuts to quick right click options, Power Practice ensures that your work day is smooth and efficient.

Easily Find What You're Looking For

Searching your data in Power Practice is a breeze. For example, alert codes are completely customizable, allowing you to choose color preferences or procedure types and conditions. The universal patient search box automatically knows if you're searching for a phone number, a last name, or a first name.

Locating information in Power Practice Px is so easy, that you'll find you have more time for other tasks during your busy day.

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