Let's face it, dental software should enable you to do more with less time and resources. With Power Practice Px, you're using fewer mouse clicks and completely automating everyday tasks, ultimately saving you precious time and your sanity.


Unlike many other dental software applications, Power Practice Px is designed to handle multiple tasks at once. For example, you can simultaneously search for an open appointment time in the scheduler for one patient and look-up another patient's dental record at the same time. You've essentially accomplished two tasks at once, without disrupting your work flow.


Power Practice Px's intelligent auto-fill features allow you to enter data faster and more accurately. For example, if you select a one-surface code for a two-surface procedure, Power Practice detects the error and automatically changes the code to the correct one for you.

It's that smart! Not only can you improve your efficiency, but you decrease billing errors due to incorrect code selection.

Take Shortcuts

With Power Practice Px, you can create short cuts for your most common tasks. Do you have specific codes that you frequently group together? Power Practice allows you to consolidate them into one "SuperCode" and enter the combination with one click.

Perhaps you have a standard note that is always typed for a specific procedure. Simply use the handy template notes, to ensure you enter it correctly and accurately every time.

Click Once

Imagine reducing your most complex tasks into one click. For example, instantly check-out a patient from the chair side with one click of the mouse. This action instantly notifies reception of a finished procedure; automatically updates the procedure on the patient's chart; immediately updates the patient's financial transactions; and simultaneously allows the receptionist to perform a pre-authorization for the check-out procedures.

Right Click

Power Practice Px is loaded with right click mouse features. The software allows quick access and enables you to perform tasks instantly from almost any live list. Want to book your list of recalls? Simply generate your list, right click on the list to bring up a menu, and book. It's that quick and easy.

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