Power Practice Px allows you to focus on what's really important: your patients. Patient care is at the heart of Power Practice Px. Its main goal is to ensure that all your administrative tasks are done with ease, allowing you to provide your patients with the best oral health care available.

Patient Options

Extraction or crown? The integrated Power Practice Px Treatment Proposals module allows you to offer and track multiple treatment options for your patient. You can easily accept or reject any treatment plans before committing them to the patient's chart. The Treatment Proposals module ensures all cases are recorded, including rejected options, giving you a complete record of what was discussed and decided.

Patient Education

That's why Power Practice Px includes Optio, a complete and comprehensive library of educational dental procedure videos. These informative videos explain a wide range of dental treatments in simple terms that your patients can easily understand. This knowledge not only educates your patients, but puts them more at ease in the chair.

Patient Alerts

Power Practice Px has the ability to forewarn your staff of any allergies, infections, or other specific alerts used in your practice. From scheduling and billing to clinical charting, alerts in the Power Practice Px system are designed to warn all your staff members of a patient alert. This ability to create any type of alert code for a patient ensures that you are able to provide better overall patient care.

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