Automatic rounding of Canadian penny

Power Practice relieves dental clinic staff from having to manually round the Canadian penny on cash transactions, saving time and preventing human error. By calculating the math and rounding the penny values on all payments made by cash, Power Practice automates the process for dental clinics. Since the phasing out of the penny by the Government of Canada in early 2013, businesses must now round their cash transactions to the nearest 5 cent increment.

  • Automatically rounds penny value for cash transactions
  • Saves time for staff
  • Prevents human error

Update planned treatment fees (for Fee Guides)

Power Practice now provides users the ability to update their planned treatment fees. With a simple right-click, users can now seamlessly update their clinic’s planned treatments to their current fees, so that they match the Fee Guide. This new update feature is accessible via the Transactions module and when a “Treatment Status List” is generated.

  • Updates planned treatment fees
  • Provides a simple, right-click feature
  • Updates to a clinic’s current fees


Send email appointment reminders or recalls to multiple patients

This new feature in Power Practice saves users time by allowing them to send appointment reminders and recalls to multiple patients at the same time. Users can now select several patients at one time and send one email; instead of sending one email to one patient at a time. In addition this new feature also provides the option to add calendar invite files (for example, an .ics file), allowing patients to automatically add the appointment to their calendar.

  • Email appointment reminders or recalls to multiple patients at one time
  • Add calendar files (.ics) for appointment reminders
  • Allows patients to automatically add appointments to their calendars

Improved search ability in comment templates (Power Chart)

A new, improved search feature makes it quicker and easier for users to identify existing comments in Power Chart. This new functionality provides the ability to search in the comment templates and on the description. It’s also now easier for Power Chart users to enter notes from templates in the comment field. For example, if a Dentist wants to enter a hygiene note upon completing a procedure, he or she can type the letter “h” and a list of “hygiene” note choices appears. The comments screen can also be re-sized, stretched and moved around making it much more user-friendly and easier to see.

  • Quickly find existing comments
  • Search in both comment templates and description
  • Resize, stretch and move the screen
  • Enter notes from templates in the comment field

Select the correct procedure code for posting of multiple amalgams or composites (Power Chart)

This new feature in Power Chart makes posting procedure codes easier. It also saves clinic users time, by reducing the number of steps required to post codes for amalgams or composites on two or more teeth. It does so by automating the process of posting multiple procedure codes. Now, Power Chart automatically posts the correct code for a specified tooth-surface combination all in one step.

  • Supports for two or more teeth; multiple surfaces; multiple codes
  • Reduces the process from three steps to one step
  • Posts the correct code for a specified tooth



Customizable note entry screen

Power Practice users can now customize the note entry screen, making it easier to enter notes and view them from a distance. The screen is also more flexible, allowing users to modify the font size and type of note. They can also change the position of the screen, as well as its size. The ability to drag and drop the screen has been added and users can customize their own settings based on role or preference. Note settings in Power Practice can now be set different from those in Power Chart.

  • Easier to read and enter notes
  • Easier to view notes from a distance
  • Change font size and note type
  • Resize and reposition the note entry screen
  • Drag and drop the note entry screen anywhere
  • Customize user settings based on preference or role

Patient signatures saved on forms

Power Practice now digitally captures and stores patient signatures on forms, providing proof and validation that the patient has signed it. When a patient signs a form on a tablet, their signature is saved in Power Practice with the form. The entire form can then be retrieved and printed with the patient’s signature, eliminating any chance of doubt that they signed it.

  • Digitally capture and store signatures with forms
  • Save digital signature with the form
  • Retrieve and print entire form with patient’s signature


Year-end report now available

A new year-end report in Power Practice offers dental clinics the ability to analyze any fiscal year, regardless of what day or month their financial year begins. The fields are set in a flexible free-date format, allowing users to specify the start and end dates. For example, they can print a year-end summary report or choose to print a report based on 1 day, 30 days, 3 months, or 3 years.

  • Analyze any fiscal reporting period
  • Print detailed or summary reports
  • Choose day, month or year using flexible, free-date format





Communicator displays all messages in a moveable box

The Power Practice Communicator now enables users to read and scroll through messages, by displaying an entire conversation; not just the last message. This is particularly useful for clinics with multiple chairs where, for example, two patients may be ready to check-out at the same time. With this new enhancement, the receptionist is able to read messages from both chairs, aware that two patients are about to come to the front desk. Users can also place the Communicator where they want on the screen, resize it, change the columns, and color code it based on conversation type.

  • Reduces errors in reading messages
  • Operates as a “working list” now
  • Displays entire conversation (not just the last message)
  • Scroll through and read all messages
  • Place the message box anywhere on the screen
  • Resize, change the columns, color code conversations


New pharmacy “call-in” feature for Prescription Pad

A new “call-in” feature in Power Practice removes the printing step of the Prescription Pad. It enables dental clinic staff to digitally submit a prescription, on behalf of a patient, to his or her preferred pharmacy. By the time a patient arrives at the pharmacy, the prescription is ready for pick-up. This new feature also allows clinic staff to store and retrieve prescription history information in the database. This not only provides a log of the clinic’s contact with the pharmacy, it also eliminates the need to scroll through the patient notes to obtain a prescription history.

  • Removes the “printing” step of the Prescription Pad
  • Digitally submits a prescription, on behalf of a patient
  • Stores and retrieves prescription history information
  • Provides a pharmacy contact log





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