Today, intuitive solutions like Power Practice Px, use your data to enhance your ability to increase your bottom line. Powerful features like Max Check, Automated Recall Systems, Treatment Planning and Automated Appointment Confirmations, allow Power Practice Px to enable you to make important business decisions, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Check for Patient Insurance Limit Resets

The powerful Max Check feature in Power Practice Px allows you to easily see a breakdown of your patients with dental insurance limits set to expire or reset. You can easily export this patient list, allowing you to contact and notify them of their impending insurance deadline. This intelligent feature helps keep your chairs and your practice filled with patients.

Educate Patients

Generally, the more well-informed a patient is, the more likely they are to accept a lucrative treatment plan. Power Practice Px, combines treatment planning and educational features to ensure your proposed procedures are accompanied by videos your patients can watch and pamphlets they can take home.

If your patients know the pros and cons of a dental procedure, they are more likely to accept treatments that are beneficial to their oral care and enhance your bottom line.

Remind and Confirm

Power Practice Px integrates with EasyMarkit, an automated patient reminder, confirmation and practice marketing system. Patients are automatically reminded of upcoming appointments through email, voice and text messaging and can confirm their appointments from their own computer or mobile device.

This dramatically decreases missed appointments and "no shows", ensuring your chairs are filled as planned.

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