Without a doubt, the information stored in Power Practice Px is the life line of your practice. It houses all of your schedules, patient's demographic and medical information and your accounting data. It is arguably the most important part of your practice and your livelihood.

Defraud Fraud

Unfortunately, many practice owners will be the victim of fraud in their careers. Power Practice's user audits and transaction audit features will ensure that you have safeguards built in. The Power Practice system locks all transactions in place ensure that any modification to a transaction record is both user and time stamped to allow for an accurate history of what happens in a patient's account.

It's a matter of Record

Power Practice Px's Patient medical history is recognized by both the ADA and the CDA as a legal document and is PIPEDA (Canadian Privacy Act) and HIPAA (American Privacy Act) compliant. This means that any medical information that is recorded in the patient's chart is recorded, time-stamped and cannot be erased.

Any modification of notes, procedures, acceptance or rejection of planned treatment is kept in the Power Practice Px database and is able to be retrieved if required.

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