Updating Planned Fees

By March 5, 2019Best Practices


With the annual release of fee guides, it is critical to remember to update the fees for Planned Treatment after updating.

Be sure to update fees in batches, roughly 100-120 at a time.

Attempting to update all fees at once, or to interact with Power Practice while updating, may incur unexpected results. Allow the system to process information before continuing your work.

If the updates are too slow, try highlighting a smaller batch of names.


  1. Visit the Transactions module
  2. Click on the Calendar icon found at the top right corner
  3. Choose Treatment Status
  1. Deselect Complete and choose Planned instead
  2. Set a Date range if you wish to avoid updating plans older than a given date
  3. Generate the report
  1. Left Click on the first name listed to highlight it, then scroll down far enough to encompass surnames A-C
  2. Hold the Shift key and Left Click another name, this will highlight all selections between the first and second clicks
  3. Right Click the highlighted group and choose Update Fees
  1. Confirm your action and allow the Program to process the information
  2. Once it is finished loading, as indicated by the Circle icon changing back to a Cursor, highlight another batch of surnames and repeat the steps above